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Ynvolve is an independent IT service and hardware provider. The company was founded in 2006 by executives with extensive IT experience. Their goal is to provide their customers with innovative and customized services that will help maximize the return on their technology investments.

Ynvolve is part of the the Infinite Group, the parent of seven  IT companies. These experts  form an international network of IT specialists. With their synergies and each other’s strengths, they provide their customers with complete, intelligent IT solutions in any phase of their IT equipment life cycle.

In close cooperation with SOS design studio we developed the name Ynvolve. This reflects the core values of the company: flexibility, adaptability and client satisfaction. When you choose Ynvolve you are not only purchasing great IT services and hardware, but you are also benefiting from their business approach as well: Ynvolve’s clients are also their partners.

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